Cool stuff from the life of Nathan Hollifield


School work

Boy do I hate school work, but it’s not all bad yesterday I was done  before  lunch. WOW!!!!

travailing all day today 10 hours.

My dream

My dream is to play drums.  I could play all night, I bet I could play for days.  Well I guess I need to go

P.S.          love you London

Daddy’s B-Day–Sept.23!

Me & My Boy Steven!

My friend Steven & I have a really good time together–we had fun finding stuff to make a shelter and then riding our wheels.  Glad you’re my friend!  See you at PACE.

Acting Debut!

Guitars & Friends with Guitars!

Today was my first guitar lesson!  My friend Stephen came and met me after my lesson.  He brought his guitar and we jammed together for a while–then we just played. 

The Zoo & no they didn’t keep me!

Sushi! Not So Bad.